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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


THE NEW ROGERS AVENUE DAY NURSERY: CODE RED DAY: "Today the temperature is expected to rise above 95 degrees. Many of you have heard that Baltimore City and Baltimore County schools as wel..."


Today the temperature is expected to rise above 95 degrees.  Many of you have heard that Baltimore City and Baltimore County schools as well as other school facilities are closing.  As we are not affiliated with the city of county we do not close when they do.  

 The only changes we make is that your children will not go outside today to play.  All activities will be indoors for their safety and ours.

So, dress cool and wear light colors(dark colors draw heat), drink more water than other drinks to stay hydrated, and find some shade if possible.

Check on neighbors who may not have AC and cooling stations around town if necessary.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Start of Summer

   This weekend is Memorial Day weekend and it summons the official start of summer.   We will be closed on Monday May 30, 2011 to enjoy the holiday weekend with our families and loved ones.  We encourage you to do the same...if you are not working.

                                  Congratulations to Antoine, he is the 
                        proud, big brother of the beautiful Morgan.  She was
                      born last Tuesday May 17, and the family is doing well.

                           Have a good weekend and eat some good food.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thank You Our Readers

During the month of April, we had several people come in and read to our children, here are a few. Keep viewing to see our special guest.

Ms. Lynn Scott, Librarian, Enoch Pratt,

Ms. Michelle, Mother of Sydnee 

Mr. David, Father of D'Aubrey

These were just a few of the parents who shared their time with us.  Our Special Guest reader was the CEO of the Baltimore City Public Schools, Dr. Andres Alonso.

Thank you, Dr. Alonso for doing such a great job reading.

          Dr. Alonso took time from his very busy schedule to come read to the children                                           in Ms. Collington's class.  His reading style was very interactive and thought provoking.  We loved it.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Ms. Sandra asked some of the mothers of her students to come share their careers with the children.  

Ms. Tracey, the aunt of Jordin  came in to share her cosmetology experience with the children.  Her demonstration included how to rod hair using a manikin.  

Jordin was her model, of course, and she demonstrated some of the products that may be used in a hair salon.  

This is Jordin's mom with London.

Ms. Tracey answered questions from her young audience and they shared their hair and barber experiences.

Ms. Tracey with the children after the demonstration.

Thank you to all the parents and 
Happy Mother's Day to all of our Mothers.  

A special congratulations goes out to a mom who is a new adoptive parent, and not to mention all of the parents who have just given birth and are about to.  God bless you all.

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