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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Back by Popular DEMAND!!!

Splash Day...Again

Look at your July calendar for next week and we will squeeze in splash day on Tuesday and Thursday.  Don't miss out!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How about Free Bowling?

One of our parents has passed along the following information for free bowling.  She has left some fliers in the daycare center.  Pick up a flier or go online and sign up for coupons to come to your email address.  


SPLASH DAY was a complete blast for our children! They ran through the water and enjoyed themselves to the utmost.  What a combination, children and water.  Monday was to be a record day for heat and it was an official Code Red day, but this is how we handled it.  See pics below. It will make you wish you were here. 

This baby decided to sit in the sun and dry off a bit. 

Some continued to play in the water for the duration of the splash time while some posed for a photo op :-).

Our next Splash Day is Thursday, so don't let your child miss out!!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

And The Winners Are!!!

Thank you to all who participated in helping with our fund raising contest.  The prize winners were:

Ms. Veronica White, mother of Julia
Ms. Pat Smith, grandmother of Ethan
Michelle Hasty, mother of Sydnee.

Thanks to everyone who helped whether you donated money, purchased cards, or sold cards to family and co-workers.
Thank you.

BUT...we still have more cards to be sold, so continue to show your support and help us offset the cost of running our center.  We try to be creative so we do not have to raise our tuition or charge you for every extra thing you receive.

Look at the summer calendars, those items come at a cost and purchase most of them for you.  Trips would cost less also.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Messy Science Day

Today was Messy Art & Science Day

The objective was to show the children that science is important and can be fun. Almost everything we do has a scientific basis to it.  

Take playing with bubbles for example: 

Isn't it amazing that when water and soap are mixed together and pulled by air or blown on can create bubbles?  Why do they float and what amazing colors do we see? 

What happens when we add color to the bubbles? 

Art with a twist: blow bubbles with food coloring in a cup and place the paper on the bubbles and VOILA! BUBBLE ART.

Finger and yarn painting:

Now for some explosions: 

For this experiment, the ingredients were baking soda and vinegar.  Watch to see the results performed by our little scientists.

Did you notice the intensity on their faces? They were amazed by the outcomes. 

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