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Monday, October 18, 2010

Fire Prevention Week

For fire prevention week we had the Baltimore City Fire Department come and demonstrate and talk to the children about fire safety.  

Firefighter Shields will demonstrate to the children...

When someone is on fire, First, we STOP!

Then we DROP!

And ROLL!!!

Until the fire is out and the person is safe.
Thank you to:
Firefighter/Paramedic Eric McDonald
Firefighter, Selwyn Shields
EVD, Gary Nelson
Lt. Ken McNeill
from ENGINE 12 (as seen below)

Emergency Vehicle Driver, Gary Nelson in full rescue gear.

This is what you would see a fighter wear in a real fire rescue situation...

 If the building is smokey and you need to rescued, they will crawl around to find you and bring you to safety.

The children all gathered around to see a real firefighter... He wanted to assure them to not be afraid of the gear and that he is a friendly guy :).

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